Parcel Shipping

Cartonization – Warehouse Management System drives multiple item orders to be optimally packed to minimize volume and therefore reduce shipping costs.

Dimensional Weighting – All orders are shipped using both the dimensional weight and actual weight of their carton. Dimensional weighting gives the most accurate freight costs as most carriers determine shipment rates off of this metric.

Rate Shopping – Mutli Carrier Shipping Software is used to select the most advantageous shipping method based on costs, service level, and preferred carriers. Carrier options include same day services, traditional parcel carriers and Less than Truckload (LTL) carriers.

Parcel Rates – Aggregated shipping volume allows us to offer significantly discounted parcel rates with the major carriers. Based on your unique shipping dynamics (types of shipments, destinations, and types of accessorial charges you accrue) we can secure additional discounts specific to how you move your products. Shipping based off of dimensional weight and known the accessorial charges at the time of shipment will allow you to pass the most accurate shipping costs back to your customer at the point of sale and minimize after the fact rerating by carriers.

Our warehouse team, customer support staff and IT exports make the execution happen flawlessly.