Technology : our platform for efficiency

Efficient data exchange drives all Cyclic activity through reliable integrations. We connect to all major shopping carts through prebuilt connects, can develop custom APIs to interact with unique platforms, utilize EDI to connect to your ERP, or implement a variety of other methods to exchange data.

Real time visibility of inventory, order, and receipt information is provided through a web portal to our Warehouse Management System. This visibility, combined with the Cyclic integrations gets information like tracking information into your customers hands immediately.

Standard and custom reporting is easily generated to provide you with data that can be used to drive sales processes, meet business needs, and follow fulfillment Key Performance Indicators. These reports range from SKU affinity reporting, highlighting which products are ordered with one another, to parcel carrier audits which make sense out of complex and accessorial heavy parcel invoices and everything in between.

A robust Mutli Carrier Shipping Software is used to rate shop between carriers based on dimensional price, service level, and customer directed needs. This system combined with Cyclic’s negotiated parcel rates allow you to dramatically reduce shipping costs.

Our warehouse team, customer support staff and IT exports make the execution happen flawlessly.